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Alyssa Drake Novels

Steamy Romance with a Twist

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An Imperfect Scoundrel (Wiltshire Chronicles, #4)

Sailing March 21st, 2023


Falling in love with a pirate wasn't part of her plan, especially one as ruthless as Captain Shaw.

Fleeing a deranged killer intent on murdering her family, Alana sets sail for America. Two weeks into the voyage, her ship is attacked by marauders. Abducted, and assigned to the captain’s quarters as a manservant, she carries out her duties under the guise of her late husband, Sebastian Dubois, her treachery placing her in unforeseen peril.

The final voyage of Captain Shaw was meant to do one thing, earn him enough money to retire before the Navy puts a noose around his neck. Forming an attachment to the fiery redhead pretending to be a man was not. Upon discovering her deception, he conceals her identity from his men, the decision leading to catastrophic consequences.

When Alana is falsely accused of theft, the crew demands satisfaction, and he’s left with no option but to carry out the sentence of death. For what pirate would risk his life for a woman?

Fans of Johanna Lindsey and Danelle Harmon will enjoy the thrilling blend of romance, pirates, and intrigue woven into the fourth book of the Wilshire Chronicles series.

Set sail with An Imperfect Scoundrel! Purchase now!

*Author's note - Gentle readers, this story contains some triggering content. Details listed inside the book.

Never Bet a Duke (Wayward Dukes)

Wagering September 19, 2023


Every lady has want of a scandal…unless it results in murder.

To escape her father's matrimonial plans, Dinah sets a wager with Levi, Duke of Roxburghe, for a sum large enough to win her financial freedom, but he has no intention of losing.

After their bet is discovered, Dinah’s fiancé—and his scheming sister—set out to ruin Levi, coercing Dinah into making a decision that destroys any possibility of future happiness.

When her fiancé’s body is found with a knife protruding from his back, Dinah is accused of the crime, and not even Levi's powerful influence can save her from the gallows.

A captivating mixture of Tessa Dare’s witty banter and Amanda Quick’s steamy suspense that catapults the reader into a shocking historical mystery.

Buy now to find out why one should Never Bet a Duke!