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Alyssa Drake Novels

Steamy Romance with a Twist

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Timeless Magic

(Spells from the Past, #1)


The restoration of a cursed painting transports a shy conservator back in time, trapping her in an alien world where she is accused of witchcraft; a crime punishable by death.

Uncovering an image hidden beneath the painting she is repairing, Beatrice removes the false layer, activating a centuries old curse, which strands her in Elizabethan England.

Her unexplainable arrival draws negative attention from the suspicious townsfolk, who imprison her when the mutilated body of a prominent merchant is discovered.

Awaiting trial–and her impending death–Beatrice places her faith in Nicholas, the only man willing to defend her innocence. However, Nicholas is not who he claims, and when his dark secret is revealed, both face immediate execution.

Anne Rice meets Diana Gabaldon in this intriguing blend of romance, historical fiction, and mystery.

Dive into the past with Timeless Magic. Click now!

An Imperfect Scoundrel (Wiltshire Chronicles, #4)

Sailing March 21st, 2023


When marauders ambush her ship, a widow dons her dead husband’s clothing, giving his name as hers, but her treachery places her in unforeseen peril.

Fleeing a deranged killer, and appeasing her overprotective brother, Alana books passage on a ship sailing for America. One day into the voyage, the ship is attacked.

Abducted and assigned to the captain’s quarters as a manservant, Alana carries out her duties under the guise of Sebastian Dubois, discovering the man behind the pirate captain’s cold façade is quite opposite from his ruthless moniker.

When a sack of gold is stolen, Alana is accused and searched, revealing her true identity. Expecting death, Alana is shocked by the captain’s reluctance to enforce the punishment for theft. However, the crew demands blood, and no pirate would risk his life for a woman…

Experience a delightful blend of steamy romance, cutthroat pirates, and dangerous intrigue, as the fourth book of the Wilshire Chronicles series takes to the ocean.

Set sail with a pirate! Pre-order now.