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Alyssa Drake Novels

Steamy Romance with a Twist

Journey into the mind of a writer on deadline...‚Äč


Review from Book Review Cafe

Posted by Alyssa Drake on 12 September, 2016 at 14:20

Thank you to the lovely ladies over at the Book Reveiw Cafe for such a glowing review.  I promise, I am working as fast as possible to get the second book into your hands.

Book Review Cafe - by LeighAnn

"Author Alyssa Drake hit it out of the ballpark with A Perfect Plan (Wiltshire Chronicles Book 1) #HistoricRomance What a great job! She weaved an excellent mystery/love story. Lord Benjamin Westwood is the perfect rake and Samantha Hastings is a bullheaded, I’ll do it my way, heroine. (I could relate to her right off the bat.) The chemistry between the Lord and Sam was thick throughout this book! The way she gave us the story from both of their POV’s pulls you into the book even more. The story flows beautifully and very easy to know when the POV smoothly changed. This book pulls you in from the beginning and you’re hooked even the sub-characters are easily likable. I hope to learn more about Thomas in the next book. By the end of the book you’ll feel like you’ve lost a best friend and begging Alyssa to GET BOOK TWO OUT! Hint! Hint!"

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